Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor knot is considered to be a bit less formal than the Full Windsor knot, but looks just as sophisticated. It’s a great knot for open collars and ties made of lightweight material. Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Half Windsor Knot 1
1. End “A” should extend about 12 inches below end “B”. Cross end “A” over top of end “B”
Half Windsor Knot 2
2. Fold end “A” behind end “B”
Half Windsor Knot 3
3. Bring wide end of “A” up
Half Windsor Knot 4
4. Wrap end “A” through the loop
Half Windsor Knot 5
5. Bring end “A” across the front and over end “B”
Half Windsor Knot 6
6. Pull end “A” up and through the loop
Half Windsor Knot 7
7. Bring end “A” down through the knot in front
Half Windsor Knot 8
8. Use both hands and tighten the knot and draw up to the collar

Now that you’ve tried the Half Windsor knot go ahead and try the full Windsor knot, Pratt knot, Four in Hand knot or if you’re feeling really adventurous try tying a Bow Tie.

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